External collection (+100)


I have connected my adalo app to an external airtable dataset.
I wanted to display the data in a list.
However, it looks like that Adalo do not display all of it. Probably not more than 100???

Does anyone knows the reason for it?
What do I need to do in order that Adalo can get access to my whole data set (approx. over 1500)?

thanks in advance!

Hey @adyking

Combing through older posts without replies and I ran across yours here. Airtable has a limit of 100 records that it can return with a single API call.

The Airtable API provides a select method for listing records. The select method returns a query object. To fetch the records matching that query, you can use either the eachPage or firstPage methods of the query object.

So you’d basically have to page through the data of 100 records per page.

Here’s more info: How to paginate records in Airtable when using the API | Chinara James

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