Airtable Filtering Based on User Info Upon Login not Working Properly

I am trying to present users with a filtered list upon login. Each user is presented with items on the list specific to them on their home page. This requires a filterByFormula request to my Airtable database. This never seems to filter the list properly with magic text that links to the logged in user’s email. If I replace that with a static email address, the filtering works properly.

I have found more info about this issue on this thread: Filtering for Airtable not working with Magic Text - #14 by bgschust

@jeremy you mention this not working because all of the data is loaded at the same time so the user email is not available when the list is loaded?

I am looking to fix this issue. User-specific data seems pretty key to almost any app development so it’s weird this would be such an issue. With no resolution to this issue, I am worried we will have to build elsewhere.


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