Bug Data Airtable

Hello everyone, I find a bug with External collection.

If the user, refresh the webpage with external collection with filter.
All the data are available, is a big issue.
Someone have the same problem ?

Also is impossible to put this topic in bug

@Ben that is normal .

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Hello, I think I’m having the same problem that Renaud is saying here. Here’s how I am replicating the bug each time:

I’m using an external collection (airtble database) and have made a custom list. I have set a filter on the list to show only specific records from my database. I’m using a filter which connects to a property of the user, say “{user_designation}” = “executive” where the “executive” value is pulled from the user’s login input via magic text.

In the mobile app, when I load the screen with this custom list, in the beginning all the records in the list is displayed, which quickly corrects itself after approximately one second to show only the filtered records. On desktop, if I recreate the same list with the same set of database and filters, all the records show up but they don’t go away after 1 second. They remain there until I perform any sort of action or click a button (this could be clicking on a link and going back, clicking on a button with a ‘blank’ action, etc.). This is frustrating because it opens up the possibility of the user accessing information they’re not supposed to, on the desktop app. They can also do the same in the mobile app, if they click on an item on the list before the filter kicks in, but I’m at least trusting that they won’t be fast enough.

Please note that this only happens if I set the filter to query from Adalo’s database via a magic text. If I set the filter to simply as {user designaton} = ‘executive’ then this doesn’t happen

I’ve found the solution here @j.renaud

I don’t really understand the solution.
I need to create a blank screen before make a redirection to the page ?
Because this happen only if the user refresh the page

Hello @j.renaud

I found a better solution than the above workaround, that I’ve now mentioned in that thread. This eliminates the need for having an input field altogether, and works 100% of the time, even after pressing F5 on a page. This is based on an observation that running any action triggers the filter to ‘readjust’ and work properly.

What you need to do

So what you need to do is add a ‘blank’ action in the screen’s properties (e.g. “Change input value” but keep the fields empty; see the image below), and this triggers the filter to run correctly whenever the page loads. It does add a jarring stutter every time you transition back and forth the page though, so you can disable screen transition animations since they aren’t used that much in web apps anyway


Hello, I’m looking to understand screen transitions better. Could I ask please, where is the setting to disable screen transition animations.

Separately, when setting a screen transition to Push or to None, does that choice control just the visual effect in how the new screen is rendered, or does it control other things as well, like data passed to the new screen or other parameters.

(I’m not seeing a description of this in the Adalo training, hope I didn’t overlook something obvious.)

Thank you,

To disable screen transition animation, I just set the screen transition to None.

As for your second question, it only controls the visual effect on how the screen is rendered, nothing else. The data is passed normally and is not affected

AddyEdwin, thank you, much appreciated!