Alignment breaking with visibility issue. Need workaround help


I have an image on top of an image. The image on top has a visibility to only show when certain conditions apply. I have the SAME thing on another piece of the app with NO ISSUES. But this part I have a display issue.

When the user has the condition to NOT see the image on top, this is what happens, it just looks weird. I’ve tried adding retangles, alignment in corners, etc. Nothing is working.

How do I get the top image to not mess with alignment / sizing, etc?

The squeezed ones are suppose to look like the top two. These are different lists, so the bottom list has a “locked” image but is causing display issues. Any workarounds?

This is suppose to look like this, but WITHOUT the locks. So somehow the lock image is causing display issues and we spent over an hour trying everything. Any workaround would be greatly appreciated please.

@James_App_Maker wanted to ping you to see if you knew anything on this. Basically if i put an image on top of my list (within the list components) then it breaks. If nothing is on top of the list, then it all works. My confusion is beyond measured now. lol. It’s only doing it when a visibility is attached to the image. If i removed the visibility it works/displays fine.

Have you tried deleting the image group and re-adding it?

yep. Tried groups, even groups on groups. lol.

I can build a long workaround, but I’d prefer an image on top of an image if that’s possible. I haven’t tried placing it below the image. will test.

I’ll figure something out. Thanks for any input. Might just build a simple design and then use the lock image on top of it instead.

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It was just a fluke on what happened. I cloned the app and rebuilt it to see if i get the same error, nope, perfect.

Now hopefully it works on the live build. lol. Either way I have a cool workaround if anyways.

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