Visibility Formatting

Hey everyone, I need some help here please.

I have an image that is set to be visible sometimes. However, when the image wasn’t set to show it’s throwing off my formatting of my list.

I read that I should put a rectangle as a container behind my image and group the rectangle and image together. The image is set to sometimes visible and the container is set to always show.

However, this isn’t fixing the issue as the container is resizing itself based on no image being present.
I have made the container red to show it below – it will be set to white to be hidden when I can get this to work.

Any ideas on why it’s doing this? Thanks in advance.

Make sure you don’t have the ‘view details’ text display element in a group with the red-background image.

I don’t – any other ideas? thx

Could you use a pure white image of the same dimensions inside the rectangle, with opposite visibility options to the image itself?

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