Alignment help - won’t stay where I put things

Okay guys - this seems to be a big problem for a lot of people and there is no clear answers to alignment logic

I’ve tried everything to make these centred and stay where I want them to state but I just can’t carry on like this anymore.

How do I make it stay where I want it to
I’ve tried grouping them all together, individually and separately

Aligned to top bottom and non - nothing works

Have you tried putting two, equally-sized, transparent rectangles on each side of the icon?

Put in a square “behind” the icons, that goes from side to side.make the square 100 transparent.

Hi @ciaranjsneill!

Just like @afonso & @Wammen rightly mentioned, creating Component Containers is a best practice while working with multi-platform app development - code & nocode. Please do try that out and feel free to Submit a Support Ticket if it still doesn’t work. Hope this helps!

Tried that too and now two of the 3 are appearing fine but the “home” one is misbehaving and it has the exact same properties

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