Alignment problem custom list

I have a custom list with 4 columns:
A rectangle and inside an image and a magic text for the number.

Do you have an idea why I have this alignment problem for the first column ?

The problem appears only on iOS not with the preview.

Masonry layout? Find it under ‘edit style’

Or it’s that pesky number 13 pushing up. Make sure that each of those list components is snapped to the top edge.

Other than that I would suggest share a clone and we can have a look.

Masonry is checked.

The problem is only on iOS (works fine with the preview).

Here is a clone:

I spent the whole day for this bug.
I found something, it works if I display all the collection.

There is the bug if I add a custom filter
 Very stange.

Try this in your builds.
I have put a spacer rectangle at the top of the box, everything element is then snapped to the bottom of the one above, working down the way. Avoid a spacer rectangle at the bottom, because that will then potentially snap to the bottom of the container rectangle and pull everything down.

Check out this guide
I noted on your other screen in the app that the logo is overhanging, not snapped to anything. Elements like this will get wonky when you start building ios and android versions and different screen sizes come into play.

Beyond this advise, it’s open to others to chime in, or Adalo support to investigate the filters issue.

I have previously reported to Adalo that copied lists remain confusingly linked via filters, despite it being marked as fixed by Adalo. Not sure if that is at play, but rule out your layout being an issue first. You could also strip each element out of the list and rebuild from there.

I have also previously reported issues with elements (progress bar especially) not snapping to the bottom edge of a container as it should. It was given a low priority.

Bon chance

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Unfortunatly, even with the rectangle ah the top of the box, iOS has bugs.
I try with only one blue square and it doesn’t work.

Here is the clone:Bug custom list - iOs ready

My app is based on this list, I need 4 columns and filters :frowning:

I have the same in iOS.
Fine in PWA
Haven’t tested in Android
I do have masonry checked so doing another build to test that. Though I recall you saying it wasn’t checked and PWA reflects masonry normally.

Is it OK to discuss this bug here or do we risk 1 strike? Please any mod let me know. I will edit my post if necessary and endeavour to adjust my behaviour to become a good citizen.


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Hi @Nirvana, @Rozza

Please try adding Component Containers to the design to help with alignment. This is a best practice for both code & nocode across platforms, and it should help! If you do still face an issue, please feel free to Submit A Support Ticket and we’d be happy to look into it.

For the Community Guidelines, please feel free to check out this post.


Hello @Adalo_CXTeam,
I submitted a ticket a week ago.


Hi @Nirvana,

Thanks for the confirmation! We were awaiting a response from your end on the ticket on 3 Aug 2022 and I can confirm we have received your response on the same (4h ago). I’ll ping our team internally and we hope to get this solved for you as soon as possible! Thank you for your patience.

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