Very Buggy Custom List

A custom list I have been making is super buggy, showing up completely different in the preview than what i have designed. I have tried turning off masonry layout, grouping and un-grouping various things, changing visibility, but can’t seem to make Adalo not change what is actually there. Here is the app vs the preview. :sob:

Each circle is a check for each day of the week which is stored as true or false in the database. There are grey circles underneath the green ones. The grey ones are only visible if current user “sunday” is false, and green are only visible if current user “sunday” is true. There are two circles for each day of the week. A “false” (grey) and a “true” one (green).

The image on the left is pretty basic. Just the current user’s profile photo.

The dog is just an image.

And finally, of course the rectangle.

Hi @Dons ,

Put rectangles on each components that have visibility, it could be surrounds them or besides them. it could be multiples too.

Hey thanks for the suggestion!! I tried putting rectangles around each individual element, and also one rectangle covering all the circles. No luck. Everything still comes out in the preview completely changed.

Try this,


No luck…

Try rearrange the layers and avoid overlaps.

Dont give up.

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Okay after playing with it for a few hours, I got that page to work well. I should mention this has essentially been trying random things to deal with a buggy interface. Making sure no elements overlapped like you suggested helped. Also, putting rectangles in between elements dividing everything into “groups” with the rectangles helped too. However, depending on whether or not one of the days is true or false, the location of the elements ends up changing completely. So, I would have to test every single combination of true and false days to make sure it works, which cannot be done. (Btw, i am having this issue outside of the custom list too)

It’s been a pleasure working with Adalo, but they obviously have a major layout issue. I’m going to keep trying, but I’m looking into other no-code app builders now. This feature of having true and false days of the week is the most essential part of my app.

Thank you so much for giving some of your time to help!

These are the same page, but depending on the days checked they show up differently.

Finally, all this is super concerning when thinking about how this same auto-layout feature will move things around for different phone screen sizes. I can only imagine what kind of bugs will pop up when I try to publish the app and view it on different phones.

I think we are on the same boat, and tinker it like as much as we can endure.

Try new responsive design from Bubble, they use flexbox that are used in Draftbit and Flutterflow too. So this thing should prepare us in the future.

Hopefully Adalo is brave enough to make breakthrough very soon to catch up with them.


I love Bubble! The only reason I began making this app on Adalo is because they are so much more friendly for making and publishing mobile apps with features like being able to publish from Adalo, and the native features like in-app purchases and sign in with apple/google. Whereas Bubble is more for webapps, and the services like SDK and Noqode that can publish your Bubble app are simply making a wrapped app.

Draftbit & Flutterflow look pretty good. Have any other experience or suggestions for other no-code app builders made for making native apps like Adalo, Drafbit, and Flutterflow do?

We are in early stages of no code revolution, probably more tools are in the making, but for now, those tools you mentioned are more than enough, more tools can be more headache too. :grinning:

Previously, I saw how to synchronize Adalo to Bubble, so we can build in Adalo first and later migrate to Bubble whenever necessary or we find the need for more complex logic.

I wish they can merge together to form unified consumer no code app builder, hopefully their investors can cooperate and team up together, so we, builders can focus on to just learning just 1 type of platform, instead of investigating every possible platforms out there.

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