All data instantly gone from all apps

All of my apps stopped working and all of them say “0 records” for every data point. My entire business and several other businesses are completely down now. I have so many issues with Adalo, we went down last week for something out of our control. Also, the speed of each movement in every place on the app is unacceptable. I am severely regretting putting so much time and trust into Adalo. Will this ever be to a point where it can be used and trusted with sufficient speed in real world scenarios? Wish I had known prior.


Hey @zachbeeson I totally understand how painful this is and just how much trust you all place in us. I also know that we’ve got to keep getting better and continue to gain your trust here. It’s moments like these as a founder that are so hard. I genuinely feel horrible right now that you can’t access your data and that it’s affecting your business. We’re constantly working to improve Adalo so that it’s not only easy to create an app but that those apps are fast, reliable, and they allow you to create amazing experiences for your customers, clients, & the communities they’re built for.

In terms of the data not loading, we know what the problem is and we’re currently working on the solution to the problem. You can check the status page for the most up-to-date information. We’ll also be putting together a plan afterwards to make sure this specific problem doesn’t happen again.

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Sorry you guys are having so many issues, as an owner of a tech company. I get it. I want you guys to succeed and do well. Once this major issue is resolved I just hope that speed becomes the #1 priority before any updates or anything else. We have built a custom system for a bar that I own, as well as some clients and when doing simple things like hitting a button that changes a true false action, it can take over 1 minute to actually take. This is on several different devices, networks, etc. Just very very slow. The product, is great otherwise if it was consistent. I wish you the best!


Thank you for the heads up. I also agree with Zach that hopefully speed becomes one of the top priorities. It will make Adalo into an even more rockstar platform.

Hey Everyone! All data is now loading in your apps again. We sincerely apologize for this happening. We know how much it affects you all and we’ll be having a meeting tomorrow to come up with a longer plan and post to further address this. Again, apologies for the downtime and thanks for building on Adalo.

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Thanks for the update but I still have the data issue. All my records are gone and whatever I do in the database I get the message ‘email exists already’. Please advise.

Btw., I’ve already refreshed, logged out etc. No change.

Thank you


Hi @zachbeeson, I had the same issue - and after the fix some records are still lost. Although my app is not live, so it’s not critical for me yet. However, after reading your post I am not sure if I should proceed. Based on your experience, what is the realistic DB size (in number of records or bar orders or users) that Adalo supports with a decent user experience (below 10sec waiting time after the click)?

David, I do see my records now. However, my web app is left completely destroyed.
I have lists set up all over that are not showing at all, despite the fact that they are there and the data is there. Without lists showing, my app is useless. Nothing has changed on my end. It’s just broken now.

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