All horizontal Lists Blocking vertical scrolling

My app has a lot of horizontal lists on the home screen. The problem is: The area of the component only acts as a horizontal scroll. If I drag down or up by touching the component area (which in my case is like 80% of the screen) it just ignores. I know this is not normal behavior for a horizontal scroll. So, is this a bug or it was meant to be like this?

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Actually, I just built the app (apk for android) and after installing it is working beautifully. So, looks like this only happens in preview mode. Which is great! hahaha, the Built version is what really matters to me :slight_smile:

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Did you try just the preview link, or did you try it in the PWA link too? Would be good to know if PWA is affected or not.

@TonyD yes, PWA’s have the issue with vertical scrolling when you use horizontal list one below the other. when you build the native app, it is actually buttery smooth.


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