NEW horizontal list

Hello guys i’m trying to use the new horizontal list that seems amazing.

But when i open my web app with that you can’t scroll if your screen are covered by that lists,

in my case if i try to touch in a no list area the app scroll fine, and in other lists its fine too.

Could you demonstrate this in a short video? I’m not sure I understand the problem I’m afraid.

Now i haven’t a app with them, but if you preview that list on your phone, you see that if your finger is on the list you can only scroll the list sideways (as logic) but can’t scroll the Screen down and up.

This is happening to me too! With several horizontal lists listed one after another, I’m unable to scroll up or down (to view all the lists available), and am only able to scroll left and right per list.

It scrolls fine on a desktop web browser, but when viewed on the phone, the scrolling doesn’t work. I’m using an iPhone but my friend uses an android phone and it doesn’t work for her too.

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Yes, let’s hope they can fix that

I had the same issue, it only happens in PWAs. When you generate a native build for iOS and Android, it works perfectly without issues.

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Thanks for you answer :slight_smile:

I am also experiencing this problem. Will this be fixed for PWAs?

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