Allocate by Equal quantities

How to update a collection based on another collection? E.g. I have a collection “Delivery Employees” which has capacity 10 to 1

So if I receive an order (another collection) with 10 items, how can I allocate that order to the Delivery Employee that can handle the 10 capacity?

Thank you very much.

Hi @sebastas,

From my perspective, it will not be easy to match 2 collections without user interaction.

There might be a workaround, when you let employees get orders by themselves. So employee has a list of orders filtered for him/her, based on capacity, and can “grab” an order from this list.
Something like this (simulation):

P.S. There was another question related to creating matches between players. Somehow it might be related to yours (you create matches between employee and order). Here it is: Matching 2 random users from a list of 24 users and creating 12 groups
May be @prakharm8 can give an advice.

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