Database Logic - Need Help

Is it possible to create a project (new page) and assign multiple different Collections under each project phase on the same page?

What is the best way to send a collection to a certain project phase? Or, am I going about this all wrong? What I mean by Collections is a Task Title with a 1 or 2 descriptive bullet points using link text (T star icon) which you can click and view task details.

I’ve been playing around with Adalo literally all day and have watched every youtube video and read every tutorial.

If there are any Adalo pros out there I’ll gladly pay you for your time. Thanks so much!

Hi @will,

I’m not sure what result would you like to achieve - what app are you trying to build?

Best regards, Victor.

Hey @Victor,

I’m trying to build a recruiting CRM and ATS (applicant Tracking System) for a recruiting agency. May be too complex. Not sure, yet.

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