Two Connected Collections in Adalo

Say I have two Adalo Collections - Users and Membership with a common column “Phone Number”

Without having the users to install my app, I want to do a bulk up into the Membership collection of all the data that I have. And whenever the user downloads the app, what I want is - if the phone number of new user is present in the Membership collection, this data should be visible to him.

How do I do this ?

Also is there a way to do this automatically without having to make him click any button ?

Hi @Nitish,

You do this on going to your Editor?

You can filter the list by the Phone number property in the membership collection and user’s phone number. Then if the user’s number is matching for any records in the membership collection that records should show

You mean after inputting the number and instead of clicking a button to save the number on the users collection and then the display the list with that filter you need to do this like when the user enters the number and then show the list filtered? How you are doing this? Maybe some screenshots?

Thank you

Hey @dilon_perera, I am planning to do this so don’t have a screenshot as of now.
But this is how my users and members collection looks
Users : Name, Phone Number, Email, Password, Registered Gym Name, Registered Gym Phone Number
Membership : Name, Phone Number, Registered Gym Name, Registered Gym Phone Number

Now what I want to do is, if new registered users phone number is present in the membership collection, then :
Registered Gym Name (In Users) = Registered Gym Name (In Membership)
Registered Gym Phone Number (In Users) = Registered Gym Phone Number (In Membership)

The Registered Gym Name and Registered Gym Number are relations?

In the Membership collection is there will be many records for the same number?

If it is you will need a many to many rel and after registering you can send the user to a new screen and use the countdown trick to add the memberships that has the same number to that property. And you can filter the list by Logged in user 's > Memberships.

If in the Membership collection will have a one record for the same number you can create a One to Many rel and after signup you can use a countdown or a button as a list that connected to the membership collection and filter it by the user’s phone number and add that membership to that user’s property. ( One to Many rel )

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Got it @dilon_perera thanks ! I was thinking on similar lines. Will try this out