Allow a user to create another user and add data

I am working on two application one for doctors and the other one for patient and they share the same database.
The Goal of the application is to allow patient and doctors to share information betwen them.
I added two boolean in the user tab isDoctor = true if it is the doctors app and isPatient = True if it’s the patient app.
But if a patient is not a user of the app or don’t want to use I want to allow doctors to create a user = Patient.
I try to use the sign in form and it create the patient user in the database but the problem is that after that creation my doctors session is log out and the new created patient is the one who is log in. How can I do to keep the doctor log in and the patient created ?
Thank’s :slight_smile:

@Zahra You will have to have a temp collection and expose a form to enter patient details. In the end as part of form save button action, you can add an additional action to create/update User collection record.


Thank’s @Kaigal ! I try and it’s working very well !!


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