Can I create a second user database?

Hi there,

I was wondering if there was a way to create a second “user” database within my app. Would I need to create a second app in order to make a second user database and then link the two apps together? Thanks in advance for any help!

I am also having a slight challenge with this. I can create a form with fields for another user- but they are not recognized as the initial user so there are no fields available or option to add password and phone number.

can you tell me what you use two user databases for?

Basically one side would be a database of workers, another a database of actual app users

I see. What I did was create a toggle that turns admin on or in your case employees.

Then have a button that is only clickable by admin true under the sometimes visible section

on the main page that button takes them to an admin page for information that only employees can see. Don’t know if this helps.

From the template Food Truck. One user base is food buyers (pre-set user). And the Second is Restaurants/Businesses that post food to sell that needs to be recognized as a type of user.

I cannot see a reason to have 2 User collections. As suggested above, you can use “True/False” properties to differentiate a “type” of user. Other ways to do this is to create a relationship between a second collection based on the user collection.


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