Altered URL on published app

Our app links to some websites through a click-action.
The URL in the creator is correct.
Native published version however chose to alter the link so it is invalid.
I am attaching two images, one from creator and one from phone after clicking the link through app.
Any solution? (notice “%3A” replacing “:”)

Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 02.51.44

Hi @parksidecreator :wave:

Can you show a screenshot of the full URL?

And this will help you.

Thank you

Appreciate your answer.
Here is the URL that the app gives me after click, and the URL from the Adalo creator.
Believe it only to be happening with links in a specific list, although they’re all in the same Collection.

Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 03.50.05

Your welcome :+1:

Try with simple letters

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I tried to open the link and it opens correctly on my phone.

Here’s what I put to the action.

Thank you

Of course this opens correctly - this is the correct URL. (
But it is not the URL Adalo gives you when you click action in the app.

I put that URL and opened the PWA on my phone and it opened. Paste that URL and try

If not opening there might be a problem

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I found out it is because the url in this particular list are in caps lock.

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Hmm. Great. Happy to hear that you have solve it. :+1:

The URL has to be simple.

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