Webview Link Errors

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know if Adalo recently changed how Webviews handle the link to display + magic text? We are seeing issues with users who are using the live web app version of our Adalo app getting redirected to the wrong page due to a malformed URL, however the issue doesn’t seem to be happening on the native app versions.

I am collection the URLs via a custom action, and they seem to be working on their own, but are malformed in the Adalo Webview.

The context here, is we are directing users to a specific Typeform with hidden fields to pass through data to the typeform response. I reached out to Typeform, and they let me know that users who are directed to the page below it is due to a malformed URL.

The link for the webview that should be displayed is being set as follows:

Any ideas here? Or does anyone have a way to see what URL the webview is being directed to?

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