Is there a solution to %2F URL encoding?


Is there a solution to Adalo encoding %2F in URL to %252F? Just encountered this bug and I can’t open a URL that is being passed via API response.

(This looks like is was identified by Adalo over a year ago and is still not addressed? External Link - Forward slash being double encoded (%2F to %252F))


Just found the URL Encode Decode component that seems to fix it. But it’s just adding another bit of complexity/workaround…

Just bumping this… Is there a solution? Or can the URL encode decode component be triggered without needing a button press somehow?

The background: I create a Stripe checkout session via a custom action API call which returns a checkout page URL that must be opened by user. Because of the %2F encoding issue with Adalo, the page can’t open. While the URL encode decode component works, it requires a button action to trigger. And it can’t take an input from the custom action’s response, so I can’t use it at the same time as the Stripe API call to get the link. The only way it can figure out making it work is having customer press two buttons to checkout, which obviously is unacceptable. Hope that makes sense.

Hi @paulh,

As an option, I’d try to use Integromat as an intermediary - pass the request via webhook, manipulate with the URL string in the scenario so that it is returned without %, and return the value with webhook response.



Thank you @Victor! That works.

I don’t like having to call another API just to format the URL correctly, but it works…

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