Alternative payment

Stripe is not supported in my location or the target locations I’m making my app for…is there a way to use an alternative payment gateway or method

Hi Presh,

If you can provide further information that which country you’re from, I maybe able to point out a few options for you. Keep in mind, there will be a little bit of tinkering involved because currently, the existing payment component available is Stripe.

However with a custom action, others can be incorporated. So let me know the country and the purpose and I’ll help you out.

I’m in Nigeria, I’m thinking of using paystack

I don’t know about Paystack however, I have heard from people who are cross selling across Africa that the largest one in your region is MFS Africa. I don’t know the details, you may look them up and contact them. They seem to accept wallets and cards from nearly all of Africa. So give them a look and do post here as well if they are good for you or not.

Furthermore, you should know that without a specific component, you can easily handle the payment process through the custom action connecting to an API. But the details of the provider you use, you’ll have to find out yourself. Happy hunting.

I guess you can use paystack API with custom actions!

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