Popup menu using toggle button

I’m trying to create popup menu using the toggle button and visibility option on an element. using a true false record on the user collection.
It is working but I encounter a problem when adding action on the screen with the menu. I added an action to update login user when he enter the screen with the toggle menu so it will be false. The reason is that sometime a user will click back button or close the app… and I want the menu to be close next time he enter the screen with the popup toggle menu.
I can add update user action to make the record false in many places but the only option to make it 100% is to add the action on the menu screen.
BUT… there is a problem when doing that. the menu open and immediately close. it seems that the action on the screen is keep on going all the time and forcing the record to be false.
Is this how it should be or is this a bug?
I made a cloneable app and will be grateful if you guys can have a look.
(no doing a menu on a screen module is not a good option)



Hi @Ehud ,

Delete action on visit screen, nowadays it will run on every record on list or toggle.

I don’t completely understand.
Should it run once when entering the screen or it keep running every time the toggle is changing?

If I use text record in the user collection and use regular buttons on the page and not toggles it still have the same problem. So it doesn’t seems that it is related to toggle or list.

That is why learning curve is needed, not only for visible things. :grinning:

If you have seen spaghetti source code or even made one, you will start feeling grateful or move on, or at least plan to feel grateful or plan to move on.

But things can change without notice, hopefully for the better.

So you don’t know why its happen.

I am just maker like you, but if you insist there is always support ticket form to satisfy your curiosity.

I might used that. It had nothing to do with curiosity, I just need a solution for the problem.
Thanks any way

I think maybe use 2 different buttons with custom visibility to avoid circular action. For example: Adalo Create Floating Navigation Menu pop-up tutorial - YouTube

I tried that also and it do the same problem.
I also tried change the user record to text and not use true or false with different text for visibility and it didn’t solve the problem.

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