Alternatives to Airtable


What is working out great for you using External Collections other than Airtable?

Anyone tried stackby or any other cool DBs? Thank you.

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yeah maybe
i saw online a guy linked google sheet to by sheety API
might be helpful


Hi @migren,
Yes thanks, saw a way of doing it with API. What I am thinking now is how Airtable and Google Sheet would behave in terms of concurrent requests, mostly for high volume apps. But I guess at that moment, you just migrate to a SQL or AWS services.

I’d recommend trying out Xano or Backendless. Both have very easy to use API generators and with the new External Users feature these will work even better.

Thanks for the shoutout @rickman !

Yes would love you all to try Xano with your Adalo account. We actually created two videos showing you how to connect it directly:

Let us know if you have any questions!

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I did start but the video has already fixed an error for me. Thanks.

I just got a demo from @xano team, the platform capabilities are incredible! Book their office hours and get an exclusive walkthrough, you will not regret!

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Hi Bhanu,
Does it allow calculated fields between tables? Most of backend services like this, only provide simple API+DB.

@JL_LJ Yep we support that! If you have a specific use case, we’d be happy to walk you through it.

Hi @xano,
Thanks, a walkthrough would be great. One of my apps depends heavily in Images. Is it easily integrated with AWS S3?

Yes, we have users that access their S3 via API

Happy to give you a walkthrough. I have some availability now if you’re free, or just find a time that works!

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Great, I did it for 25, will give me some time to dig in and have more questions. Cheers.

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