Airtable & Xano

Hi everyone. First I have to shoot out: I love Adalo! :slight_smile:
Ok… and now lets come back to the matter:

I am experimenting on APIs and indegrating external Databases. In this context I came across the option tu use Airtable / Xano as backend → store my data not in Adalo but in those tools. I tred it out and it worked, great! :slight_smile:

…but I still not understand in which cases it makes sense to use Airtable / Xano instead of storing my data in Adalo. What are the advantages, what are the disadvantages / challenges? Should I store all of my databases externally or just some of them?

Moreover, I am not sure whether I should use Airtable or Xano. In which ways do these tool differentiate?

Thanks in advance

We have a great community! Glad to be part of it.

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