Use Airtable for all collections including users

I am migrating my collections to Airtable and I am facing an issue with the Users. I have found this closed topic Integrate/Update Adalo User database with Airtable or another 3rd party platform
where it seems that the only solution is to manually bind the Adalo Users collection with another Airtable Users collections by writing custom POST a PUT actions. Is there something I am missing?

This is a serious limitation as using Airtable as a backend for a no-code app is nowadays a go-to since it can stand for a whole admin/erp.

Here is a tutorial about connecting to Airtable

It creates and external collection which you and working with like an internal collection.

It does not work for the specific “Users” database

Hi @clemlaflemme,

You’re right, it doesn’t work with “Users” database. Moreover, as far as I know it’s not possible to use Airtable to store Users using “External users” capability (which is now in beta testing). Such capability needs to have a Login API endpoint, which is not the case in Airtable.

Theoretically, you can create Signup and Login API endpoints by yourself, using some external service… and then try to integrate it into the Airtable… and then try to integrate all this with Adalo… but I’m not sure how much time will it take :).


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Hey Vitor. I did it with Directus (GitHub - directus/directus: Open-Source Data Platform 🐰 — Directus wraps any SQL database with a real-time GraphQL+REST API and an intuitive app for non-technical users.), but Adalo’s external user auth is a pretty bug right now. I don’t see why Adalo’s Team is calling it Beta it should be alpha release or even more primitive than that. It may get better along this year but for the production environment I don’t trust external auth as it is now.

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Yah dude, tried doing this and it was a little cumbersome to say the least.

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Hi @brunoribeiro,

Interesting. You installed it on some Linux server or there is an easier way (from maintenance perspective)? Could it be somehow installed as a PaaS/SaaS solution?

Best regards, Victor.

I am using a Digital Ocean Droplet (NYC3) location. It’s really close to the Adalo server and the latency is almost real-time. There is a one-click option for Directus ( So, as self-hosted Directus is free, but you can also use their paid cloud solution. Directus On-Demand Cloud I tried many headless options, but none of them was so flexible as Directus.

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Have you tried the nocodb? (

My idea is to integrate postgres with appsheet and adalo with api rest