An error occurred. Please try again. On lists with users

I have users what i want to display in a list view. Everytime I want to edit the listview, the following message shows. An error occurred. Please try again. This message only shows when i want to show users in the list not a page for instance.

Does anybody know how to fix this?

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Can you take a screenshot of this problem so I know what you are talking about?

Try deleting the list in the editor and add it again.

Just dit that. But when I add user by ‘What is the list of’, the error occurs

Could you take a screen recording of how you setup up the list?

the same error on all elements

I have the same issue on all my apps. Maybe Adalo preparing for us new components?)

Same issue here. it seems something wrong with the builder.

Once second… I’m going to try it

I wonder why…I’l contact them

Same problems for me. Errors on all lists. NEED FIX!

Just relax and wait)

@maria @tfraziersocal @oper2k @Malik @MaxBangma

They are working on a fix and should be fixed shortly!

This should be solved! If you have issues with any lists added during the error, you need to remove and re-add them.

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