Lists not loading&Error getting app

Hi, is there problem with servers, because lists in my apps not loading and I am getting notification error getting app?

Yes, I believe PWAs are down at the moment - well for me anyway. Give it a few minutes usually these types of things rectify quite quickly.


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@pford @jessehaywood @ben1 @Colin Hey guys, do you have any update on this?

Hey thanks for the answer

Yea same here. Its problem on their side they will fix it soon

I am currently looking into this.


Thanks, keep us informed

We are still investigating but it appears this is a broad issue that is affecting several areas of Adalo including PWA’s, Collections, The Editor and even builds.

More to come as soon as we know more.


Let’s hope you guys can solve it fast

We are back online on all services!

We will continue to investigate the cause.




The Databases don’t work at a new generated native app

Can you give some more information about what you mean by this? I just tested a new native app and it functioned as expected.

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Now it works :sweat_smile:

I am still experiencing issues. List does not appear and some users get an error saying that app could not be found.

Edit: It is vey unstable, sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Currently (this second) my app loaded and lists show data. Just a few minutes ago, it did not and users were complaining about not being able to access the app.

Can you DM me your app url so I can take a look at this specific case?

Hello, Colin! I also still have some issues — the user collection is not loading, the rest collections are fine

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