An error occurred when performing your API request

I am creating a Custom Action to add a new buyer in Stripe.

I have followed some guides in this forum, unfortunately, although I believe the settings I entered are correct, I keep getting this error (see attached image).

I tried to find other information to help me based on this error, but I could not find it.
Can anyone help me?

Grazie :slight_smile:

Hi @Indave,

Did you added a Header with Bearer and API Key? Could you share a screenshot of the API Request section? ( Hide the private info and send it :+1: )

Thank you

Ciao @dilon_perera,
yes, i did it. I have found the solution and now it works.

Now i have another two error:

  1. I can’t figure out how this configuration works–up to the name the test gives no errors, from here it does :slight_smile: - See the Attached image

  2. When the user purchases the subscription I get the error (see second and third screenshots). I am trying to pass the data entered in the previous screenshot and saved in the profile into Stripe.

Do you happen to know any advice?
Thank you for your support

I have tried deleting some functions and doing a simple update of the user’s data via button and I am finding that no data is being saved…I am wondering if there is a server-side problem on Adalo’s part.


Try removing the space after dot. Type this for the name in the query address.line1 !
And also you need to create a customer right? Then the Method would be POST.

Did you tried deleting the component and adding it again? Submit a support ticket too for contact Adalo.

Ciao @dilon_perera,
thank you for your support.

Any parameter I enter, other than email, gives me error 400. I really don’t understand what the problem is…

Yes, I think I did it more than 3 times – maybe it wasn’t working because of the DB problem last night. I will try again now.

I give up!
It is too complex and there are no guides from Adalo that explain the complete flow on how a user manages a subscription.

In addition, the custom action works poorly and very often it is necessary to delete it and redo it from scratch. When configuring the custom action and confirming, the action takes effect on the test user registered on Stripe. So every time I have to start from scratch…I can’t take it anymore!

Hmm… The method is POST right?

Does this not happens if the custom action was not there?

Hello @Indave Here’s a tutorial from Adalo that contains Steps and video that will make it easier for you to perform an API request through a custom action Custom Actions - Adalo Resources

Thank you!

Ciao Dilon,
Yes, it is POST.
I wanted to pass along as information other than the email. But as soon as I enter even the name it gives me the error to contact Adalo. In fact, the user is enrolled in Stripe… despite the error. However, I don’t understand why he reenrolls it with the same email… Should give error. (see the attached image)

I would also need to retrieve the user’s ID in Stripe to later handle cancellation by the user…

I will tell you, authentication doesn’t always go–sometimes it wants Bearer and sometimes BEARER–and sometimes you have to delete and redo everything.

Grazie Ali,
I have already looked at this guide several times. But there is some missing information for someone like me who doesn’t know programming :slight_smile: