Stripe keeps giving error: An error occured while trying to create a new subscription. Contact the Adalo Support

Ciao a tutti,
I return to the attack with Stripe’s payment method.

Despite redoing the configurations a dozen times, using both Adalo’s guide and resources I find on the net, I keep getting the error you see in the attached screenshot.
I opened a ticket but the response time is not really fast despite having subscribed to the platform :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The anomalous thing is that in fact, the user is enrolled among the subscribers in Stripe, but the screen with the error does not continue beyond that and thus does not update the user profile.

I hope someone with a kind soul can help me eliminate this error and finally be able to think about publishing the app.

Thank you in advance

Hey Dave, for me it’s working good! I’ve just tried now (no test mode :grimacing:)
So maybe it’s something related to your Stripe settings

Ciao @Eugen,
Thank you for responding to me.

Did you use the ‘Stripe Subscription’ widget?
I also did a ‘Live’ test – but got the same error. Also, the information I find both in the Forum and elsewhere is discordant.

I will try again to create all the configuration steps.

Oh no, I just use the buy component. Make sure to don’t use the Legacy one for Subscription, but the new one

And what would be the new one?

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