An Update on Performance in Adalo

Hey Everyone!

If y’all remember, back in November we wrote a blog post about our goals to fix performance issues & improve platform stability.

In a short 6 weeks, we’ve accomplished a lot — but we definitely recognize that there’s still a lot left to do.

To keep you in the loop on where we are, what we’ve done & what more there is left to accomplish, our Director of Engineering wrote a whole post about it.

Read that here :point_down:

Tomorrow, our co-founders will be spending time in the Community Town Hall speaking on performance, too. If you’d like to tune in, register here:

One last thing — we have a status page :tada:
Find that here:
We’re hopeful this will improve our communication with the whole Adalo community about widespread issues.

Thank you for your patience as we’ve been working hard & we hope to give more good news in the New Year.


This is awesome. A great step in a positive direction. Appreciate your team’s effort in helping us achieve something good.

Having said this, Are there any changes that need a rebuild of apk and release again? Do we have to make a new build to make our app enjoy these changes if at all there are any that benefits the client side directly?

Please let us know.

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Yeah, you made it worse.