APP unpublished due to performance issues

Hello everyone.

First things first, and as I mentioned in numerable ocasions, I’m absolutely in love with the comunity and the platform itself. I think you guys have a fantastic thing going on in your hands, with a gigantic potential to be the “next big thing” in terms of codeless developement. Congratz. :slight_smile:

That said, performance database wise is bad… so terribly bad that I’ve had my app ready to be published for almost two weeks now and I’m unwilling to upload it to the Google Play-store because it’s just broken and I know what 100% of the reviews will be without even having to beta-test it.

The “badness” of the performance fluctuates between plain bad and unbereable depending on the day and hour but I can assure you it’s never good. As a matter of fact, it’s never even OK.

I’m aware Adalo is working on the issue but, and this might be just me, I don’t feel you guys are giving the community what we need in terms of response times and deadlines. I want to go on making more and better apps with Adalo, but how can I if there’s such a deal breaker stopping me and I’m “embarrassed” to publish even my first app? I think you need to give specific progress updates and timings for this matter because the “we’re working on it” line doesn’t cut it any more… at least that’s my opinion.

Sorry for the long post, but I’m kind of heart broken with the platform right now and felt it had to be said.

Many thanks.


I proposed something like this last week, definitely feel like a monthly progress update is needed. At least for paying customers. I think it would keep us all on the same page in terms of what’s priority and what isn’t.

As of now with the endless flood of bugs, feature requests, and limitations I don’t think anyone in the community knows what exactly is the priority.

Often times it does feel like we’re in the Beta phase of Adalo and updates would be great.

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