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I am wondering if any of you have an Adalo app Published?

If so, can you describe its performance today?

As i have a big project on my hands and though i love Adalo, I remain a bit scared of launching it and it being a disaster in regards to response time.

Look forward to your replies,



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Hiya, yes I have an App on both stores and even though I don’t have an Android Phone (Just an old tablet), I’ve been hearing reports of a slower experience than iOS, but I can say with 100’s of records and a lot of screens my app on iOS especially is running very well. I experience slowdowns off and on depending on internet connections, but overall it’s very good.


Thank you for your reply,

When its slow, is it very slow?

Have you had users complaining?

I will be looking at 2000+ users in the platform with several list items - news feeds, products, etc.

I know its an ambiguous question. But i really need to ensure its consistency.



For my personal experience, Adalo is still slow when you use it as a front and back-end. I recommend you to move to Xano for the back-end.
However, as the external user authentication is still under beta testing, you’ll probably struggle a little bit at the beginning to find workarounds.


Overall if you’re in the US the performance is fine for the front end and back end, regardless of user count (that barely affects it).

Performance really suffers when you have lists constantly updating, high quality photos (not appropriately resized), and when you’re outside the US.


Currently im in the south of spain.

Thank you all for your replies, i have alot of thinking to do. Ill have a look at xano and been looking at appgyver.

Its a shame as love adalo. Been making apps but have not got to publishing them yet. Development process is super!

Adalo has to overcome this performance problem very soon. As i would not see any other reason why not to develop most apps on it.


To be fair, I’m in portugal and don’t see any issues with the apps.

If you want to try one out, try Primus in the app store. It’s pretty old but it’s a public app (hopefully no bugs!) and built on Adalo.

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Excellent will try it out.

Thanks so much!

Of anyone have any other apps available which is public and can be tested would really appreciate it.

Amazing thanks



Which one of these is it?

I think it’s the one with “Flywheel Studio” under the name.


Primus by Flywheel. First app we ever made, about two years ago!


Excellent will check it out , thanks again.

Also, we just published a demo of combining Supabase and Adalo, it’s pretty lightning fast (and I’m overseas). Would recommend for very large projects (lots & lots of data, not necessarily users).


Interesting… I’m in Canada, and my app is only available right now in North America, so this is interesting to know. Thx for the post.

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In comparision to internal collection, how much faster would you say roughly speaking?

The reason I ask is that I have one app with around 8,000 users, and about 45 collections, and with some Adalo tweaks, Im suprised that the performance of adalo is actually very good and about 40% of the collections are Many to Many as it’s Multisided. However before I made the tweaks it was grinding to a halt.

With over a year trial and Error I stick to these few “rules”

  • Don’t try show everything on any given screen.
  • Limit visibility parameters in lists to the bare minimum, if you can avoid completely lists will work very fast
  • Enable Load More on Scroll
  • For Large Lists like users, I typically dont show any list item on the initial screen load, only when I type in the search bar do I start filtering the list
  • I use AWS with @theadaloguy file uploader, and use cloudinary to make adjustments to images to make sure they are as small as possible.
  • For Actions that use APIs I really wish Adalo had better “loading” indication… as sometimes with TabBars its hard for the user to know if a button was pressed… So I implement yes/no to show/hide another status bar on top where the “add button” on the hidden (now shown) status bar is disabled. This prevents sending multiple actions. I then change the title of the tab bar to loading (especially with multiple actions/APIs Linking)… so the user knows the press was activated. So flow is User Presses Buton > Loader Tab Bar Visable = True, Run Actions and APIs > Loader Visable = False > Link to Page. The screenshot below is automatically creating 20 sub list items with parameters for that user, so 20 “Create > Link to Current Dev Plan sub list items”. Prior to making this change, users were clicking2,3,4 times…

TTFit Teams

I’m not an expert by any means in coding or adalo… but i’ve found ways to make Adalo work for me and for my users :slight_smile:

If you want to check out one of my apps on the Appstore fully made on Adalo:

iOS: ‎TTFit on the App Store
Web App:

Some stats on this particular App:

  • 45 Collections
  • 8,000 Users
  • Downloaded over 20,000 times
  • 185 Screens

So I can say Adalo, works very well… in a proven to market, selling app. This is the type of post would have given me a lot of confidence starting out on Adalo… but like with all apps, you must think logicially and have speed as a question you ask yourself every time you start designing.

Feel free to download, hell even a rating would help me so much :pray: :slight_smile:


Wow, Thank you so much for this post. Definitely given me confidence. Especially knowning that speed woll be down to me as the designer.

Ill download the app, test it myself and most importantly will rate it as well!

Thanks again!

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No Problem @jmb2021 - Good luck with your project :slight_smile:

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Solid looking app! And the stats definitely gives me hope :slight_smile:


Wow, this looks super interesting.

Definitely keeping this in mind, Thanks

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