And yet another road block... APPLE STORE

Apple has rejected my app yet again, I have set up stripe to do monthly subscriptions and this is the rejection I received I have no idea how to fix it. I don’t want apple or google pay, just stripe. Why can I not have a third party app to accept payments.

Also… in the google play console do you turn off “APP Price” if you have a subscription through a third party?

Apple has never allowed third party payments for in-app purchases. You have to use Apple’s in app purchase mechanism for any customer payments and there goes 30% of your revenue just for the privilege of being on the Apple platform. You should google Epic lawsuit to learn more about potential changes.


So what is the point in having a stripe integration if it can not be used? Also apple won’t let me have multiple tiers for different plans. Do you know a way around this?

If you have an offline product (i.e. either a physical product or digital product that isn’t uniquely delivered in-app) you can use other payment methods. You should review Apple’s payment policies (which are part of app store policies) for more information.

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I have read it.,… unfortunately it isn’t much help.
I have a recurring subscription on the app with multiple tiers, I think I found a workaround but it is not what I wanted to do

And unfortunately Adalo doesn’t support recurring in app purchases yet :frowning:

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Stripe does and that is what I was hoping could work… So now I am making the app free and I will notify each new member with a separate email regarding the 14 day trial. That is the only way I can think of.

This is coming actually!


To clarify, the traditional Apple App Store cut was 30%, but they partially changed that after the pressure from last year. It’s now only 15% for any developers with less than $1M in revenue.

I’m also looking forward to Adalo adding the monthly subscription capability to the platform.

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From January you can use Stripe on Apple Apps for digital purchase, but apple will be due to announce in due course based on recent legal action taken by Epic Games.

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I wouldn’t say that is for sure. Apple is appealing the ruling, so who knows what or when the final result will come out.

Apple will not accept a third party payment system, if you are selling a service or a digital content or offering a privilege to unlock a functionality within your app. They are always after collecting their 15% commision, which was once 30%.

You are right, though as it stands, Apple must comply with the ruling by January to allow developers to use other methods of payments outside their own Apple system for Digital Purchases.

Of course like all legal cases they may be appealed, and the appeal is due to be heard in November.

I’m having the same issue right now with Apple rejecting in-app purchases using Stripe. What’s the best workaround besides giving Apple a 15-30% commission for each purchase?

The best workaround so far is to have a screen stating that their account is currently limited, nothing more. Use language like “visit our website for more information” and direct them to a webview of your website where they can then pay through your website. This has worked for a handful of apps, but I cannot guarantee this loophole. This is how Netflix and other companies get away with it as well. You have to signup on the web, then you get access to the app.

It’s very important that you mention nothing about “subscribing”, “premium”, “free trial”, or different “plans”.


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