Apple Keeps Rejecting In-App Subscription Purchase From Adalo

Has anyone encountered Apple rejecting their iOS build because of using in-app subscription purchases using the Stripes component in Adalo? If So is there a workaround to get Apple to approve the build? Seems like Apple keeps pushing us to use their in-app purchase instead. I had no problem with Google approving the app launch, only Apple.

Yes, you can only use third party payment processors like Stripe to collect payments for physical products.
In order to sell a digital product you must use in-app purchases, according to their terms of service.

(This is the reason why you can’t pay for Shopify in their App, only on their website)

@thekaliuapp - so the only way to do subscription-based payments is having the users pay on a website and then have them access the app w/their login info?

Hi @jonafied, please see this reply to the other thread (for future viewers of this thread):

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