Stripe subscription is rejected by Google and Apple?

Finally, I am about to publish my app in Google play and apple store. However, I read forum and found out many people were rejected because they use stripe for app subscription. I also set up subscription to access some contents. So, it will be rejected by both Google and apple? How can I set up subscription? I have to use IAPHUB?

Hi @mizuhase

Just wanted to clear up any doubts for you or future users who might see this post:

If you’re selling digital goods, you should use in-app purchases or subscriptions. However, if you’re selling physical goods, you can use third-party payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Razorpay, etc.

Hint: If you prefer not to use in-app purchases/subscriptions, you can consider an alternative approach, like what Spotify is doing. They sell digital goods, but you can’t upgrade their app directly in iOS. Instead, you need to make the purchase on their website. By the way, Google or Apple take upto 15% per transactions.

Let me know if you need help in integrating the alternative setup.


That’s what I understand. I would like to make auto-renewed subscription which allows access app contents, so I need to set up in-app subscription. Could you explain how to setup?

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