Android builds failing? Anyone else experiencing this?

@devrimdmk Is the AdMob component causing trouble for iOS? I’ve been having issues with iOS builds failing and no response on support tickets.

@frontoftheline are they aware of the publishing issues for iOS or Android?

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I cannot comment on the AdMob component as I don’t have it installed in my app. My issue with iOS was a “cocoapod” error in Stripe. It ended up being resolved, but I don’t know how as CS was looking into it and never got back to me to tell me exactly what the error was. I’m just happy it’s working again.

They are aware of the Android issue. They added a “Minor Outage” on their status page.

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You can see what the support just send me :slight_smile:

I do not use admob on my app but I am still having the following problems: builds failing on android + stripe not working.

@Mohammed any luck yet?

0 progress. Adalo calling this Minor Outage. I am beyond furious. 5 days and no change.
The least they can do is communicate what they are doing, not leave us like that

I had a very similar reply except I don’t use admob. I’m getting a different error everytime I try to build on either platform. No idea of timeline and I have clients waiting to test their app. Not good enough really.

I do not know what to say - I don’t think there was ever an outage this long on Adalo. Yet, its considered minor.

Is it really just happening to few of us? That would be even more concerning. Unreliable

CS notified me and I’m able to publish Android builds once again. @Mohammed any luck on your end?

@frontoftheline Android Builds are back working. Same for iOS Builds.
Now doing testing to see if Stripe Component back to normal and all is good before pushing to production. Will keep you posted

@frontoftheline iOS Builds work. Stripe component works on iOS without issues. Click actions after successful payments work too.

However, on Android builds, Stripe component does the transaction but gets stuck on the loading spinner and does not confirm the payment on the app to the user (UI) - i.e. does not say successful payment. Click actions do not work either. Seems to be a major issue with API calls on Adalo side on Android. Informed CS about it

@Mohammed this is getting to be a bit much. My iOS builds are now crashing and I don’t see this getting fixed prior to the weekend, and that’s when our app is active. Submitting another support ticket.

Yes - definitely. I am beyond annoyed at this point, we have new problems that did not exist before…

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Seems like everything should be okay?

Far from okay if you have stripe payment component in your app.
It does not work on Android, only on iOS. Been 6 days now and still not entirely fixed.

You can make builds yes, but stripe won’t work on Android

In my case iOS build appears to work, the app doesn´t crash. In android I get this errors.
Would be it relationated with the deprecated admob component?

Hey All,

We are currently looking into these build errors. There were some changes to released by Apple that caused an abundance of various issues and we have worked through quite a few but are still seeing one off errors come through that were caused by those changes. On top of that, the Admob Component was also being worked on for some separate required updates and those have also been tricky to resolve. If you haven’t already, please Submit a Ticket so we can ensure we are addressing each behavior.

If your app is crashing and you have the Admob component, please ensure it is set up correctly and using different Ad IDs for each Component. This is a known behavior and pointed out in the Admob Help Docs

I assure you all this is our top priority and we appreciate your patience while we work on a resolution.


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@Adalo_CXTeam thanks for your reply. My issue is not related to the above. I do not use Admob component and our iOS Builds are working just fine.

Stripe Component is not working on Android Builds. I hope you guys are looking into this too, it has been 7 days.

@Mohammed We definitely are! I am currently doing some testing and will get that information to the team as soon as it’s completed.

@Mohammed, everything is working fine on my end now, except for having to remove the qr code components (generator and scanner) so it would no longer crash. Unfortunately, this was a big part of our app and there is no timeframe on when it will be fixed. I know the app will still function with a workaround, but not having a qr code for tickets nowadays diminishes our credibility with our clients.