Android builds failing? Anyone else experiencing this?

Hello @frontoftheline, unfortunately no bueno for me; Android builds are working yes, but stripe component inside them are not working. Payments not fully going through - some issue with API calls.

It has been 10+ days now - it is getting beyond frustrating at this point.

@Mohammed well, the financial pain has set in. A customer wasn’t sure if they were charged. We cannot risk our credibility so we’re forced to stop operating.

The @Adalo_CXTeam needs to figure this out. The lack of consistent communication regarding the severe issues they’re facing is disturbing.

@frontoftheline We are now facing the same issue on iOS as well. Builds are fine, but any time a user pays through Stripe, its a hit or miss. Sometimes click actions work, sometimes they don’t.

On Android, its a total mess. We just lost a $5,000 transaction because of it. Lost our reputation with our highest spending clients.

What a shame. Lack of communication. Status page showing all is good when in fact, our app’s performance has gone down the drain since early March. What happened?..

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@Mohammed the status is " Experiencing Partial Outage." You cannot even login right now.

I don’t even know what to say.

@frontoftheline our published apps are also not working. Not sure why

Hey All!

The issue of a high number of failed builds has been resolved, and in order to stay on topic, I will be closing this thread. If you are still experiencing problems with your builds failing, please submit a ticket and our team will address it promptly.

Currently, there is an outage with the Adalo Builder that our team is working hard to resolve and we will update the Status Page when this is completed.

We are also aware of other issues, such as problems with Stripe payments on Android and the QR scanner, which is a third-party component that is causing apps to crash. Our team is actively working on resolving these issues and we will update the Changelog once they have been fixed.

Thank you for your patience!