Android certificate problem

Hello everyone,

I try to publish my app on the play store. I put the APK file for make the release but I have this warning :

That say I don’t have the same certificate sign on this app that the previous one

I have a previous app before, is not possible to make a release on it ?
Someone have a solution or I need to create a new one ? (It will be very painful is I need to create a new info app.

Thank in advance for your help

Hello j.renaud,

Did you find a solution for this? I have exactly the same error. I’m trying to upload an APK on an existing application.


If you’re saying that you already have a non-Adalo app in the playstore and are wanting to “update” this with your Adalo app, then you’ll need to reassign the certificate on the playstore side.

@j.renaud Where you able to fix this issue?

@ashley - Any pointers on how to reassign the certificate in Google Play store?

@Colin - Appreciate if you can help here. I am facing same problem as @j.renaud.

Hello, So, I do have the same problem here, how can I eassign the certificate on Google Play Console?

Hey, did you find a solution fot this?


Adalo support responded back after 2 weeks that their development team has to be involved in this issue. By that time, I had decided to release as a new app.

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:frowning: upload as a new app is not an option. We have 5k users, which is not a lot but… Is 5k people that I will have to convence to download the same all, same name, same icon… They will never understand why.

Agree. I had 2k+ users. But had to run a campaign to update them about the new app. Lost quite a few users. Hoping to get them back in some way or another.