Problem with app signing on Android .aab

Hey all,

Kudos to Adalo for making such fast progress with the transition from .apk to .aab.

I have followed the new guide for .aab but am getting an issue that was not discussed in the guide.

I receive the error message “Your Android app bundle is signed with the wrong key”. (see attached)

To experiment I made a new Firebase project and a new Google Play console app but am still receiving the same issue.

Apologies if I am missing something obvious, I would appreciate any guidance.


Hi there, sorry to hear you’re having issues! It’s likely that you fall into the third category of makers in the guide who receive .aab build files out of Adalo. Could you submit this as a ticket to support so we can take a closer look? Also, @oivaizmir are you updating an existing app or submitting this AAB for a completely new Play Store app (Bundle ID)?

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the feedback, I’ve submitted a ticket.

I tried a new Firebase project and a new store listing, this is where the error on the screenshot above was coming from.

On the original Google Play Store listing when I uploaded a new build the app would not finish uploading, it would just hang. I tried twice with thirty minutes to upload and no completion.

So this AAB is for a completely new Play Store app (Bundle ID)

I gotcha. So you updated the bundle ID in the Adalo build settings before building as well? AABs are tied to Bundle IDs and signing keys so all three must match up in order for them to be accepted by Google.


That’s correct, I updated the Bundle ID in the Adalo build settings as well.

Okay and the Google services.json and everything are new as well I’m assuming?


I have tried with a new Firebase build just to make sure I did not make some mistake.

I followed the Adalo android guide.

What I resulted with was in the Adalo Android build settings that had the Bundle ID, Frontend google-services.json and Service Account Key google-services.json all reflect together.

I have done this process a fair number of times with APKs, but I have not been able to make it work with the AAB.

I have now done three Firebase projects for this app to triple check, I am still getting ‘your Android App Bundle is signed with the wrong key’.

I have tried this with two separate Google Console projects and had the same issue.

Let me know if there is anything obvious I am missing or if you would like me to try something different.

I am having the same problem and getting the same error message

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Hi, were you able to solve the problem. I am having the same issue.

We’re having the same issue.

  • We tried updating current app – Not worked
  • We created a new app and tried uploading a new build. – Not worked too

Hey guys,

The way I solved this was by having Adalo push an APK build for me from their side. I think you will have to issue a support ticket.

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Yes please submit a support request for us to push an .APK build for you. In the future this will be streamlined so that makers can do it themselves, but currently this is the process for pushing builds for copied apps (i.e. new Adalo apps) that are publishing to .APK builds already in the Play Store.

I submitted but still waiting for response.
Any updates from the staff?

How to upload a completely new aab file for a new app? Because nothing is working at the moment.

Have you looked at this guide? What issues are you having?

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Problem solved. I created a new app on both Google play and Adalo.

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