Your Android App Bundle is signed with the wrong key. (playconsole)

Hello, I’ve been having problems publishing a new app on google for two days…
I even cloned the app again to start from scratch and it keeps giving me errors… it tells me this… how can I solve it?

Your Android App Bundle is signed with the wrong key. Make sure it is signed with the proper signing key and try again. The app bundle is expected to be signed with the certificate containing the thumbprint
SHA1: C9:58:63:10:94:51:5D:5F:76:AA:0F:55:D4:87:68:CC:AB:C1:04:62
, but the one used to sign the app bundle you uploaded contains the fingerprint
SHA1: 52:97:18:7B:3C:22:79:FD:13:81:B5:52:87:13:CF:17:60:43:77:D0

Hey man, yep this is normal. You will need to submit a support ticket. Adalo can map the details for the Version Codes, Keystore etc in the back end from the old Adalo app to the new one

  • Keystore Alias
  • Keystore password
  • Current Android Version Code et

Note the version code on the backend only Adalo has access to this. I would submit the old version Adalo link (that’s live on the Playstore) and let support know the new version and they can map the data across. Worth knowing any time you clone an App it breaks the Android link as the version codes will mismatch on the back end and you will get the Playstore error.


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Cool. thanks for the answer, it’s the first time this happens to me… right there I send the ticket… I clone it without it being published, I said ok, I clone it and do the loading process again… and the same happened

Interesting. Happened to me quite a few times - obviously only for live Apps that are already on the Playstore.

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