Android native Admob component

Greetings everyone. I am curious if somebody might be able to assist me in getting the Admob component working on Android native? It works perfect on my iOS version, but with the admob component present, and the app being updated, it no longer opens anymore. I get an error that says to contact develoepers or try restarting the phone.

The appID and adID are both correct, and if I remove the admob component, rebuild the package and reupload, it all works again.

From what I understand, I need to figure out the “Ad ID Permission”, but can that even be done on Adalo? If not, what are my options? I am soon to run an extensive marketing campaign, and without ads it will be a one and done campaign as we need the ad revenue to replace marketing funds to keep going.

Any sort of assistance I can get on this?

Thank you in advance, whatever help I can get is much appreciated!

Hey Skuccy, is it possible to record a video or screenshot the issue? I might have run into a similar issue.

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