App build crashes on Android Due to AdMob component

After months of work, I finally finished building my app for Android. Unfortunately, my app crashes due to the AdMob component (The crash happens immediately after opening the App from my phone, an ugly crash where the App logo appears magnified and crashes right away). I tried rebuilding my app without the AdMob component, and it worked fine!

For the record: My app works fine on Adalo’s Preview and Share. The crash only happens after building and uploading the AAB file to Google Play Console Internal Testing.

Unfortunately, AdMob is crucial for me since that is my primary monetization method, and without it, I can’t launch my app.

I have tripled checked that I entered the correct Android and iOS App and Ad IDs for my Interstitial Ad. (I only have one interstitial ad in the whole app. I tried replacing it with a regular banner and the same issue happens). I have to launch this app asap, and while I did submit a ticket to Adalo support, I would appreciate it if someone here could provide a solution to this problem.

Here is the log from Firebase Console:

You need to check that with Adalo support.

I already did send a ticket 2 days ago and waiting for a reply, but after reading several complaints about the same sort of crash specifically due to the AdMob component, I am not having very high hopes at the moment.

Adalo is awesome but unfortunately it seems that it is having numerous issues recently.

I will wait to hear back from support, and will update this thread accordingly.

Hello, my Android App made with Adalo, Linear AI, has Admob Component inside. Linear - ChatGPT Assistant made with Adalo
It works for now, but from what I know, the component is old and deprecated, and the Adalo team is working on bringing in a new Adalo component (take this info with a grain of salt because it is not official news).

I will try to release a new build soon and see if the AdMob component actually causes the crash.

In the meantime, we’ll just have to wait for the new updated AdMob component, because in an app with a lot of users it is critical to monetize.


Someone from the Awesome team at Adalo got back to my ticket and fixed the issue for me. I hope they do update that deprecated Admob component though.

Thank you so much, @Eugen ! You are definitely one of my favorite developers out there. Me and a couple of friends are constantly using your apps: Linear and GPT Lite and we love it.

One of my friends though couldn’t find your app Linear today on Play store. Minutes later, I received your “Push Notification” notifying your users that Google will remove your apps. :frowning:

I was pretty frustrated to be honest. Wondering why Google frowned upon your awesome apps and would appreciate any insight on what happened.

Thanks again buddy! Stay strong and thank you for being an inspiration to many.

Wow Joe, I think that’s the best message I’ve received in a long time. Yes unfortunately Google removed all my apps and my account overnight, wiping out 5 years of work and future income. I don’t know if I will have the strength to continue, but thanks to coke messages like these, some willpower is coming back.
Thanks again

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Eugen, it sounds like you’ve been through a lot and you do sound like a very positive and will-powered person.

Whatever strength and resilience you had before this setback is still inside of you - just waiting for the chance to come out again. So don’t give up hope! I am sure you will recover from all of this and make something even better than what was lost. Believe in yourself and your abilities; keep striving forward and I’m sure massive success will follow!

If you can share any piece of advice to avoid such mishaps, please feel free to share them here.

I am just starting app development and would love to hear some golden nuggets from you.

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One piece of advice I have. Don’t do as I did, blinded by numbers. One person cannot manage 8-9 apps. In 6 years I have received 3 strikes, that is, three removals from Google, and these were enough to cancel me permanently. If I have no chance to create a new Google Developer account, I will have to move to Apple and the App Store. Because despite being an Adalo Expert and working on private projects for clients, 70% of my income came from my personal apps like Linear AI and GPT Lite.

Yesterday I was particularly crushed but already today I am putting down a plan to continue.

Thanks also to people like you who give me the willpower
See you soon Joe

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