Android speeeeeeed!

Is it difficult for adalo team till now to get a solution for android app speed !!! every thing going perfect on using adalo except this issue and when I search for this in adalo forum I found that all other users complain from that … How can I skip this lag although I built a very simple app without a lot of DB either actions … please give me any advice :frowning:

I think many if not all of us has the same problem with speed (lag), We have a few apps we want to take to market but we are afraid that it will hurt our Reputation, most of our clients are return clients and some of them we manage their apps on a daily basis. The only solution to get this sorted once and for all is to have VPS’s or at lease allocate bandwidth on a client to client basis.
I hope they get on top of this, Adalo is a disruptor in the market but only if they allow it to be, or sell it to me!

I totally agree with you, I think this issue of lag are out of their control because the forum fill of messages of this type from years ago and nothing new happen also adalo team never reply on this type of discussion as shown on history of past messages… It is a BIG & Critical Issue if they won’t take action to solve !!!

Welcome to the community! I’m sorry you are experiencing issues.

There has been plenty said about performance if you look back at my community updates and town halls. I don’t feel the need to hop on every thread about performance because it’s all the same at this point.

The big idea: Adalo needs to improve performance. That’s been acknowledged publicly by our team and leadership. David mentioned that in the last town hall. Our VP of Engineering is spearheading a project this year that’s focusing on speeding up list loading. It’s something that’s very labor intensive and isn’t just a flip of the switch. It’s been publicly acknowledged and addressed and we are working on it. That’s about all I know to say.

Other than that, there are plenty of threads about hacks and workarounds to increase performance. @Victor has shared a ton of insight on this throughout the forum. @Flawless has as well. There are a lot of factors to improving performance that are beyond my scope of knowledge, but there are a lot of people here who can help if you provide enough information.


Jesse, Please don’t tell us your boss is not called Mr. White. LOL!
Don’t get me wrong on this issue, I can’t speak for the others but Adalo has something that the other “No Code” platforms out there does not have and you must capitalize on that edge, but this had been an issue right from the start. I had a previous account with Adalo and basically had to abandon that account because of the passive aggressive attack I had to go through when I was “complaining” about bottle necks in data flow although I was paying a premium for the service. Paying US$ 50 or 200 is very steep considering that the economics of scale demands lower prices for a much larger yield. So the pricing begs the argument that Very high prices will drastically reduce paying customers to mask deficiencies’ in bandwidth thus artificially rectifying the problem. But this will be compounded by the the depth of pockets and “price does not matter” attitude by people who simply does not care, making the environment toxic for “real clients” who wants to do some good and loves the Adalo backbone. In closing, admitting you have a problem is half the battle won, talking about a solution and not actively fixing it is moving backwards because the more people signup the harder it will be to fix. There is only so many “town halls” before you have to look at you own “Our Purpose” declaration and do what it says on the tin.
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