Speed and Responsive issues

Having some pretty severe speed and responsiveness issues! Checked everything my side, system network & connections…
Anybody else having the same?

I haven’t had any issues today. This could be location based as well. In a previous announcement the Adalo team raised this as an issue and are working to address it.

I’m facing severe performance issue in my app, loading data takes long time, only a single record.

Yes, it seems that all the savings are on cue again.

This should be temporary i hope.

thanks for the feedback guys - all seems to be back up to normal now… 10mins after I submitted a support ticket :sweat_smile:

Mine has been quite poor in the last hour or so too, just lost quite abit of work i’d done!

It seems to happen most fridays…

yeah your right - always seems flakey on Friday, I just said things were better but only managed to preview my app after the 7th retry :frowning_face:

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