Android webview scroll issue

When using a webview that points to a website android scroll does not work correctly. I can not scroll down the page the scrolling stops almost on top of screen. It works fine with IOS app and works fine also with Adalo PWA both IOS and Android. So this concerns only Android build app.
Link to Android app is here
Link to webview by pressing a button “VALMENNUKSET”.
I am looking for a solution to issue. I have tried out changing the website in a number of way with no result.

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I have replaced the web view with direct link to website. Maybe this can be sorted out later.

Thanks for the info. I will make the team aware of this. I think your temporary solution is a good solution until we can resolve this on our end.

We have also had major issues with this on android and need to use webviews in our app. Would appreciate an update when this is resolved.

Has there been an update on this?

This has not been prioritised at this moment.

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