Android webview issues, can we speak about a date?

Hello everyone,
Somes olds problems on the webview are still in the platform for more than one year and we do not have news about futur correction about it.

There is two main problem :

  • On android, the webview do not scroll to the end of the content. It will alway block at a certain distance.
  • On android, the webview do not display files like PDF for exemple, it download it.

These problems are present since a long time and this is very frustrating because the component work perfectly on iOS but not on android … and you can’t do separate screen in fonction of the support used. We lose the hight quality component on iOS because it is broken on Android :frowning:

Like i said before, this topic isn’t new, you can find it on theses links :

This is a problem recurrently spoke on the Forum, can we hope about a fixing date ?

Thx for reading,


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