Webview not scroll

Hi, i have to report a critical problem with webview and also with nocodehq html render on Android (IDK if the problem persist also on iphones, on the web preview work fine).
if the content is longer i can’t scroll.

With nocodehq html render(this isn’t an adalo component) i put directly the html content, work fine on pc put on android i can’t scroll.

in webview i put an api that return the html content, on pc is ok but on my android i can’t scroll.
If i use external link with the same api don’t have scrolling problems but i can’t use this solution because the content have to be reserved. (anyone whith the link can read the article).

This is an important pre-requirement, and i’m not the only with the same problem but no solution is found. I Need Help pls.

Hi Fabio,

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I would just submit a support ticket.

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