Announcing Adalify: String functions, Twilio SMS, Add to Calendar


Adalify is an API service that helps increase the functionality of your Adalo app!

Current features include

  • String functions (manipulating text e.g. find and replace, or change to upper case)
  • Share to calendar links
  • Send SMS via Twilio

More features are in development!

Really looking forward to the feedback of the community if they like these tools, how they can be improved, and what other services would be useful. If you have any issues you can message me on the forums, or via

Currently, Adalify is $10 per month for completely unlimited usage across all APIs.
You get a 7 day free trial when you create your account.

Please check out

Getting started:


I get an error when I test send a Twilio SMS message error using the Adalify API.
It is set like the attached image, but it seems that API KEY does not recognize it for some reason.

Can you tell me where the problem is?

Adalify error2 2021-08-01 15.46.05

Thank you.

For your authorization, delete the space between bearer and your api key, then make the space again. It’s an issue with copying and pasting into custom actions. I think this might be the issue.

Thank you for your quick response.

This problem seems to have been resolved, but I got another error message.
Please refer to the attached image for details.

Do you have an active adalify subscription or free trial at the moment?

I plan to check the operation with a free trial and subscribe to the Basic plan.

Do I need to register my card information for a free trial?

Yes enter card info for the 14 day trial, can cancel any time.

I understand.
thank you very much.

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I registered in the basic plan 10 hours ago, but I still get the same error “detail”: “Only active members allowed”.

And I can’t create a new API key.
Adalify error6 2021-08-02 21.05.15

Do I have to wait a little longer? Or is there something else wrong?

Can you check that your API key entered is correctly? Your account is active. I’m going to PM you so that we can continue to discuss there.

@James_App_Maker this could be added as a resource


I think I have entered the API key correctly (see attachment).
But isn’t it strange that I can’t create a new API key?

Now, I tested it again and it seems that this problem has been resolved.
However, I still get the following error.
“error_message”: "HTTP 400 Error: Unable to create record: Number is unconfirmed. Trial account cannot send message to unconfirmed number. Check with Twilio | Login or Twilio Buy a number and send a message to an unconfirmed number. "

The problem seems to be that I need to use Twilio’s trial phone number.
I will check it.

Thank you for your support.

Yes that’s on the twilio side. No problem let me know if there’s anything else :slight_smile:

Hey @theadaloguy -
Question about your Add to Calendar:
Currently, Google Calendar can generate a Google Meet link for its calendar events.
Could we use Adalify to create an event and get that link?
Any way to generate Google Meet URLs for events with Adalify at this time?

I believe Google Admin can be set to autogenerate Meet URLs when a participant is added to the event. Maybe a way to auto invite someone?

You meant to say DM instead of PM