Anyone got Twilio to work with a custom API action?

I’ve gotten it to work through zapier with a long delay. Which is a non-starter as I’m building a delivery app. I’ve seen a thread on here but none seem to provide any answers. They literally have Twilio listed as a possible use case for external connections but I have yet to see someone confirm it works.

Has anyone been able to Authenticate a Twilio API call to send a text?


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Hi Alex, I haven’t used Twilio for SMS yet but I plan to in the future. Did you look at the videos and resources for SendGrid? I would guess the API works in a similar way?

I appreciate the help. Didn’t Work for me.

Someone has to have found a way to send text through Adalo right?

I don’t even care if it’s using twilio or anything. This is crazy that theres nothing on the forms here that helps.

If anyone can help I’d really appreciate the assistance.


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This may help!

Sending Twilio SMS through Custom Actions API - Help - Adalo

I haven’t used that API so I’m sorry if it didn’t help, I may continue with you until I understand the API that you used.

Thank you fo that. Unfortunately that thread has been a dead end for me.

I’m not sure if its just my lack of understanding but this seems to be a problem that should be able to be sorted out - i cannot find anything on the internet that helps.


There is a tutorial for external API, you may check that it would help from Adalo side, in your external side you may ask customer service there

I paid a developer to create an AWS system to integrate Twilio with Adalo and it works instantly (I had to do it also for a restaurant).
If anyone wants to use it, DM me
@alexstockman , @B0untiful_26

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Hi @alexstockman , I should be able to help. I’ve created a custom action that sends an SMS via Twilio to me each time a user completes an order. Is this what you’re hoping to achieve ?


Essentially exactly what I’m trying to do. If you could share how you were able to do this, that would be amazing. I’m sure there are countless users on this form that would really appreciate it.

@alexstockman I did this by connecting to Integromat.

New order > webhook to integromat > trigger Twilio SMS.

You can achieve this in Zapier too, it has direct integration with Adalo and Twilio

Does it send the messages in real-time? Zapier does not.

I used integromat for that specific reason, you trigger a webhook and it’s instantly sent

@alexstockman, this is exactly what I am doing too. Using a webhook via Integromat to fire the SMS via Twilio. I can create a quick video and post if you think it will help you get it done ?

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That would be fantastic. I really appreciate it!

just curious: did the integromat way work? or was it easy to set up?

Yes, it works for me, currently live for my application. Sends a message with custom sender name instead of number

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I’m excited to see @NoCode81’s video tutorial when he’s done with it. Integromat looked pretty complex when I was playing around with it.

Hey @alexstockman, sorry for the delay. I’ve created a short video that illustrates the creation of a custom action using a webhook from Integromat to send an SMS via Twilio. Let me know if you have more questions.


Great job, @NoCode81! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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@NoCode81 video was very helpful, but how can we send to a list of phone numbers? For example, I was to send a text to all users that “follow” a business user.