Another External API Filter Question

Hey Adalo team!
I’m two days into this and am over the moon.

I’m trying to build relationships with multiple external API’s that I brought in. I’ve read this ( but it only really pertains to Airtable.

I’ve read on the forums that it’s really different per each API you’re pulling from, but the one I’m pulling from (nocodeapi) doesn’t have the most in-depth documentation.

Am I missing something simple here?

One of my API connections:

Which gets this result:

My attempt at the relationship (using the rowids of the other database):
I’ve tried every scenario of “", '’, CollegeID=”___" for the values.

But it doesn’t filter out:

Thank you for any help!!

Bump. Any help would be super appreciated! We’re building fast and this is the hang-up.


@ProU, try this, worked for me with 2 different tables in Airtable. In my case, I had categories in one airtable collection and products in other airtable collection and wanted to filter products by category.

what are you trying to filter or sort im confused at the goal

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