API Not Working with 2 Filters


I have a custom list that is sourced from an API Collection in which I’m passing 2 filters.
For some reason it is not returning the right result. Can an API collection have 2 filters at the same time?

Thank you,

I got it now. I just have to remove the 2 filters in the default api config.

Hi @joeyology

Are your filters on the API side or the Adalo side?

I’m also trying to run two filters on an external Airtable API to show in one list (using 2x ‘filterByFormula’), they work fine alone, but together the second one overrides the first one.

Anyone know if this works?

What are your filterbyformulas?

I’m doing this successfully - I may be able to help but need more info.


I have the required API parameters in Adalo. See image below.

And then I have added 2 API filters on my list in Adalo. See image below.

Adalo awesomely did the job!

Hope this helps!

Thanks @joeyology, can you show me what you have inside the query parameters? (book_id and chapter_id). TIA.

@scriptchool my Airtable filters are:
Formula 1 ({Field1}=‘Current_User_Email’) (I’m using the input box workaround for getting the user’s email)
Formula 2 ({Field 2}>{Field 3})

They are in separate queries.

Here’s what’s inside the query paramter, @AJAY :